About BITW

"Being in the world" [BITW] is an interdisciplinary network exploring the experience of new time and space through dialogue and production of new art.

BITW was formed in spring 2012 in Stockholm with the idea of connecting artists, theorists and writers from various countries who share similar working fields and a vision of international, cross-disciplinary collaboration. Since then BITW has been a forum for discussion, exchange, research and art-practice.

We are organizing group exhibitions in art-spaces, galleries and museums throughout Europe. The shows open up a wide spectrum of strategies and approaches, the presentations are often flanked by artist talks, screenings, performances and bands.

At the moment 40 participants from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal are involved in BITW projects.
A core team develops ideas and programs, takes care of funding and creates new connections between artists, networks and institutions.

Our office is situated at Kapsylen, a Studio-house in the center of Stockholm Södermalm.


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BITW creates projects for artists, writers and filmmakers  with different backgrounds to meet and connect, and to develop a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. No limits are set with regards to personal discourse, media or material. What matters is that each participant is interested in broaden our knowledge and understanding through an original investigation.

The topic

The theme of "being in the world" [BITW] circulates around the concept of landscape in a broader sense: that is to look at, to be and engage in, relate and adopt to the world.

We are all coping and interacting on the basis of the background landscape we call the world. BITW-project is meant to give a variety of perspectives on the current "landscape" by doing practical art research evoked and inspired by discussions on the topic among the participants. The end result is made accessible through public presentations.

Many say and witness that our current world is marked by speed of changes, globalization and technological optimization. The BITW-project can be seen as an attempt to address this by identifying current structures, phenomena, dangers and hopes.

Under the umbrella of BITW there will be a number of presentations. Every presentation has its own subtopic that focus on a specific field within the realm of the overall landscape topic.

Group research

As an artist you always do research and use methods that are appropriate to the study. In a group research you continue doing this while participating in a joint venture that leads to unexpected, interesting and lasting results.
You are expected to share ideas: communicate and open up for common referential texts, meetings and discussions. This gives a common ground to stand on which helps to define questions to get deeper into the topic. The participator uses his/her own field of media (both the art object and the creative process) as a research tool to reveal tacit knowledge that can be and articulated by means of experimentation and interpretation. This will be part of the discussion within the research team. At the same time the participator gains input and experience in numerous ways: fresh ideas, new practices, personal development, contacts.

International and cross faculty exchange
Other faculties within the aesthetic field & other are incorporated within the group. The participants come from different countries and backgrounds. This gives BITW input from various perspectives.

New contacts
By working internationally and cross faculty new connections open up which otherwise would not happen. Working together, gaining and sharing experiences with a common goal ahead is a natural and lasting way of getting to know someone.

Group constitution

BITW has a core group of project managers responsible for planning meetings and project presentations. The participants in BITW are handpicked for their interest in and relevance for the landscape topic and for their quality work within their field of study. The participant can become a project manager when he/she takes initiative to start a subtheme. BITW is self-supporting and all participants in a subtheme need to engage in and take responsibility for the practical work before and during the project.

Public presentations

We are looking for ways to reach the research community and the wider public.

BITW are aiming for larger group presentations with enough space for each participant to be well represented at the same time make the individual perspectives visible in a comparatively way. Each exhibition has a special angle and group constellation.

Web site and printed matter
Documentation on http://beingintheworld.net web site & as printed matter is important as a memory of the project process and outcomes.



Organization + further Info:

Being In The World
Kapsylen ekonomisk förening (Konstnärsgruppen)
Tjärhovsgatan 44
116 28 Stockholm
Email: info@beingintheworld.net
Phone: contact one of the project managers below.



Bertram Schilling
Hiltenspergerstr. 75
D-80796 München
+49 (0)163 628947


Kenneth Pils
Malgomajvägen 7
SE-120 60 Årsta (Stockholm)
+46 (0)70-5993344


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