Belichtete Gegend

What, when & where
30 Nov 2012 to 16 Dec 2012
Kulturwerkstatt Haus 10
Kloster Fürstenfeld 10b
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About the project: 

The depiction of landscape in art has always tried to give us a particular view of the world. Landscapes tell us about our projections, desires and daydreams which we connect with images of real or imagined places.
The exhibition “Exposed Areas” shows extracts of the methodical ways a younger generation of artists presently deals with the notion of landscape.

The works of Ute Litzkow, Monika Müller, Kenneth Pils, Christine Rath, Ulrike Riede, Bertram Schilling and Stefan Winkler are a multilayered depiction of the phenomena of space, our perception, and the filters and codes with which we try to interpret”landscape” and “world”.
In the paintings, collages, photographs and objects they have selected for the show in Fürstenfelbruck, the artists draw upon art history as well as the mundane flood of digital images, blending things which are separated by space, culture and time and mixing them with their own projections, recollections of their individual journeys, and their inner contemplations of landscape.

The interaction of the different positions creates surprising relationships: in form as well as in content. New perspectives on historical and current processes of change are opened up.
Similarities can be found in testing the limits of this genre and in the energetic analysis of visual forms landscape may be dealt with under contemporary circumstances.

The exhibition in Fürstenfeldbruck is kindly supported by Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst, Bezirk Oberbayern, Helge Ax:Son Johnsons Stiftung, der Kulturwerkstatt Haus 10 and the City of Fürstenfeldbruck.

The group show “BelichteteGegend” (Exposed Areas) is an exhibition within the international exchange project “Being in the World”. It is a collaboration between artists from different European countries and was founded in Stockholm in the spring of 2012.

In a series of loosely connected exhibitions the project deals with the individual’s perception, movement and interaction in a world of rapid technical and cultural-aesthetic change.

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