Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa


Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa was born in Swedish Lapland. She lives and works in Stockholm, which is also where she studied art, majoring in textile and sculpture: She has an MA degree from the University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design.
One main thread that runs through her work is the introduction of the private sphere into the public one. In those of her works that are based on photographs and materials, a human being appears to be engaged in an activity. Lingering and questions about being are current issues in her art, issues which she seeks to put into a mundane perspective. The specific space and context are recurring conditions that stimulate the creation of something new.

Alongside her idividual art work, Nilsson-Välimaa takes part in collaborative projects.
Nilsson-Välimaa is a member of the artist-run organisation FAS


Incident on a dark ground

Cruising through the city on the way home. A vague feeling of nausea recedes and returns. My inner wants to turn inside out. Thinking, is this not a state of in-between-ness? A shift from balance to imbalance, gradually but also so powerful, tangible. Erupting, a pumping flow, cascades like a waterfall, it splashes and drops.

In the book "The lure of the local - senses of a place in a multicenterd society" Lucy Lippard writes, among other things, about the wanderer. Locations can be seen as an extension of the body. Particularly the walking body that passing through and becomes a part of the landscape. All place carry multiple locations, multicenterdness. The mixture is liminal, different perspectives are superimposed, layers.

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