Tacit knowledge

What, when & where
Sunday, February 16, 2014 - 13
Studio 44
tjärhovsgatan 44

Discussion subjects

  1. Matthias, new member is going to participate in BITW - Tacit knowledge project. He is working with photographs and installations with social/political angle;  is based in Berlin and is well acquainted with working in groups such as the artist run group "Microwesten" (as is Bertram). In spring 2014 know he is going to be involved in the project: "Trafficjam" in the Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin where artists come and work and exhibit.
  2. All presents their ideas for the upcoming exhibition at galleria TOOLBOX Berlin.

    - Miia: The ongoing film project. This time with the third copy of the painted film. For the Toolbox exhibition  she will continue her ongoing film project. She will do the third part to the series of hand-painted films. The third work will be named "Attraction" and it’s inspired by "Villa di Livia" in Rome. “Villa di Livia” was originally a garden room made to the wife of the emperor Augustus two thousand years ago.
    Miia’s new work ”Attraction” is painted on top of the two earlier film works that she has done in 2008-     2012. The new work keeps the older images underneath its layers, creating a reservoir of hidden images and resembling the onion like structure of memory or as an analogy to a city of Rome with all it's historical layers - the archeological ones, too.

    - Lotte: Snails and film. The slowness and the tacit handling of clay as a way to get in touch with a primal instinct of forming the formless slippery, dripping mass.

    - Kenneth: Diary drawing project. This is a day by day drawing/painting/mark making on paper practice without any anticipation or plan other than just doing something. Kenneth showed a sketch of the hanging where the small papers (A5 landscape format) are put together on the wall as bricks forming a shape of a house (the house he grew up in as a child).
    This could booth be seen as singular drawings/paintings; as moments in time but at the same time as a whole telling something about the moments together; the similarities/diversities between them and the flux in time. Together they build a wall of knowledge based on many things; both conscious and tacit unconscious; both in the handling of material and the familiarities in the world of imaginary. This can be seen as a way to uncover tacit dimensions as a part in a daily flow

    - Matthias: We are all eager to know what he will have for the Tacit exhibition. The topic is new to him and he was talking of several possibilities but will take in the topic, read some and think about it before making the final decision on what to have on show.  He was thinking of his photographs with Goebbels house but also the wandering around in a city.

  3. Miia suggested that we could ask Mimosa Pale to participate in the TOOLBOX exhibition. Mimosa lives in Berlin and makes sharp and profound performances.
  4. Miia told us about the 2:nd exhibition that continues the theme of tacit knowledge. That exhibition will be held in Helsinki in the charming island of Suomenlinna. The BITW group will exhibit there in Galleria Rantakasarmi in September 2014. The fact that for a long period of history many cultural trends arrived in Finland via the Suomenlinna fortress fits well to the idea of BITW group. BITW is a small but living example of the cultural exchange today at the grass-roots level.

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