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Kenneth Pils has MFA from National College of Art in Stockholm and the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. He has made numerous exhibitions in Sweden and Europe and several public art works in Sweden. He is one of the co-founders of the interdisciplinary and international art-as-research project "Being in the world" ( He has been involved in the artist-run art scene in Stockholm by running Studio 44 (producers gallery) and in the team of Supermarket Independent Art Fair (

Kenneth Pils mainly works with a figurative painting based on a mixture of biographical and non-biographical images. He uses painting as a way of transforming the photographic imagery into enigmatic works of art. He sees the work as independent, not as a self-expression. The work challenges our habitual way of interpreting the world and shows itself only to the listening and reflecting viewer.

"I am interested in the interplay between the private and the universal. The latest works are i.a. painting and they take their starting point in the child's perspective in the 70's Huskvarna (Sweden), a small town. From having previously worked with random systems and the image world the internet holds, I have approached a more biographical material."

"The painting is based on an almost classic construction method at the same time as the watercolor-like technique I use adds something rough and uncontrollable to the pictures. In Installations, these paintings and other sculptural materials (such as fabrics and rubber cloths) are used in a metal construction that can be walked around as a three-dimensional collage."

Short CV: 

Born 1964 in Jönköping. Lives and works in Stockholm.

1990–1995 (MFA) Mejan - Royal Institute of Arts - Stockholm
19861990 (BA) Univeristy College of Art Crafts and Design - Stockholm

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